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November 23, 2009

Last summer, one of my co-workers and I happened to be listening to an afternoon sports radio talk show on one of our local radio stations, a show renowned, ironically, for its complete lack of an audience.  If you’re at all familiar with small-town radio, you know that these shows rely heavily on listeners calling in and producing a topic for discussion so that they can attempt to cater to the range of people within their frequency that might actually have their radios turned on.

This was a particularly slow day for a particularly slow show.  The hosts were ecstatic to take what appeared to be their first call of the day while we were listening, which entailed the host’s asking excitedly, “Hello, who’s this?”, followed by the caller loudly burping into the phone and then hanging up.  This scene was followed by the other host awkwardly joking, “Sounds like somebody just had their first beer.”

I told you that to tell you this:  I don’t want this to become a place where people burp and hang up once a month in the comments section.  If nobody reads (and that’s where the smart money is), I would prefer to be left to my insanity.  The likelihood that an episode like this transpires in this space is pretty good, but I’ll probably be pretty upset with myself if it happens, so just do me a solid and let it go.

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