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Bruce Pearl, Dear Abbeyed

January 2, 2010

Let him be clear.  Bruce Pearl takes a page out of the President’s book to discuss the arrests of not one, not two, not three, but four of his players:

“I’m deeply saddened and troubled by today’s news,” Pearl said. “Accordingly, I’m suspending Melvin, Cameron, Tyler and Brian pending further information.”

It goes without saying that he’s not mad at them for carrying two handguns, one with an altered serial number, in a rented car not registered to any of them that reeked of the devil’s lettuce.  In fact, he’s so not mad at them that they may even play in the next game against Charlotte on Wednesday.  That is, of course, pending further information—but he’s already handing down some harsh punishment for good measure.

This is not to suggest that all college basketball coaches aren’t creeps and such.  This might, however, help to quash the idea that Memphis is the “thug school” in the state.  If we’re all going to engage in cheap moralizing, as college basketball types are wont to do, maybe we ought to at least direct it at the appropriate targets.

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