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Hamilton-Burr, Round 2?

January 2, 2010

This is good P.R.:

It was only after The Post’s inquiries more than a week after the Dec. 21 incident that league officials found out about the unprecedented alleged armed standoff between All-Star Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton inside the Verizon Center in DC.

As a teammate, sometimes things get heated, and sometimes you have to take things outside and settle them like a man.  Or you could settle them like this:

The Post exclusively reported yesterday that Arenas, 27, went for a gun after Crittenton confronted the veteran guard about failing to make good on a gambling debt owed Crittenton and threats were exchanged.

“I’m not your punk!” Crittenton shouted, according to a league source close to the Wizards.

After Arenas drew a gun on him, Crittenton then brandished a firearm himself, sources said. It is not known if Crittenton had his own gun with him, or if he grabbed one of several Arenas had in the locker room.

I’m not sure how swashbuckling it makes you look when you ditch hand-to-hand combat in a closed space in favor of an old-fashioned duel.  That may be fine for Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo, but I honestly think y’all can do better.  That is, unless this is the case:

The newspaper also reported that the argument between Arenas and Crittenton was over “who had the bigger gun” and that there was never any intent to physically harm Crittenton, according to “a person who has spoken with Arenas recently.”

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah, pretty cool, right?  I mean, uh… guns are to be treated with respect, you understand that?

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