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A Little Wishful Thinking

January 5, 2010

Following up on our things that need to stop happening in 2010 schtick, Lake Superior State University has released a list of the top 15 items that people need to quit saying in the New Year.  The list includes, among others, the words “shovel-ready”, “transparent/transparency”, “teachable moment”, “in these economic times”, “stimulus”, “too big too fail”, and “Obama-prefix or roots”.

Now, I’m all for lexical diversity, but I don’t see us dropping the words “shovel-ready” or “transparent” until the nouns those adjectives purport to describe actually begin to happen.  We know who to blame for the ridiculous phrase “teachable moment” (I don’t want you to teach me anything, I want your people to keep al Qaeda operatives from boarding U.S.-bound flights).  I agree with retiring “in these economic times” and “stimulus”—the former is just getting old and the latter was just an apparition.  We won’t be able to pack in “too big to fail” until Congress actually comes up with a plan for dealing with the failure of the institutions we have deemed as such.  Words like “Obamacare” and “Obamanomics”, however, really have to go.  The overexposure of the President has already become taxing, and to mix his name in with the congressional agenda really does make the ears sting.  Besides, it’s not really his legislation anyway—it belongs more to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Barney Frank than it does the POTUS.

Not that any of this will actually happen, but one can dream.

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