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Let’s Quit This

January 5, 2010

Andy McCarthy finally responds to the “Bush had Richard Reid tried in civilian court” flap:

Finally, if we’re going to dwell on Bush’s inconsistencies in the hectic period right after 9/11, what are we to make of Obama’s inconsistencies today, in a much calmer time when we’ve had nine years to think things over?

Well, he sort of got to my point.  He has some good things to say in the post, mostly not about what I’m about to say.  There’s nothing that bothers me more about politics than equivalence, that is, responding to criticism by affirming that one’s predecessor did the same thing.  Um, so what?  Does that justify an action’s being done just because the guy before you was just as big of a jackass?  Sure, politicians play these games, but what can’t you judge politicians for?

The fact that the George W. Bush years produced a mountain of debt does not mean that Obama’s spending is warranted.  The fact that liberals got all hot and bothered about George H.W. Bush’s speech to the schoolchildren does not mean it’s okay for conservatives to get fanatically angry about the 44th President’s speech to the schoolchildren.  And the fact that Dubya allowed Richard Reid to be prosecuted by a civilian court does not mean it’s okay for Abdulmutallab to be prosecuted in a civilian court.

That’s just to name a few.  Can we please stop doing this?  Why don’t we just judge decisions on their own merit rather than what other people (that the judgers inevitably don’t like) did?  If you’re a supporter of the President, do you really want him compared to, of all people, Bush?

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