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Apologizing for Fanaticism?

January 8, 2010

Nick Baumann, over at Kevin Drum’s blog, is trying to figure out why conservatives aren’t denouncing the Ugandan anti-gay laws like some pious liberals are:

Part of what I was trying to get at in my post is that one reason conservative writers might be reluctant to make detailed arguments against the Ugandan law is that doing so would force them to confront the more unpleasant parts of their coalition. It’s not good politics (or particularly pleasant) to be seen associating with people who need to be convinced that gays shouldn’t be executed or that slavery is bad.

Or maybe because it doesn’t occur to conservatives that they need to criticize an African country for its moral fortitude and are more interested in discussing things that are more controversial.  Really?  What about that whole legalization of spousal rape in Afghanistan thing?  Hatred of all things Islam is generally considered to be one of the right wing’s biggest schticks.  Did anyone accuse conservatives of “reluctance” in denouncing this policy because the base is supposedly against rape?

To cite another example, should conservative writers be attacked for their failure to criticize the policy of the Malaysian government regarding premarital sex?  This is a double whammy—the “Christianists” despise Sharia law, but they’re also against premarital sex.  Catch-22!

My point is that conservatives don’t have to apologize for this kind of behavior anymore than liberals have to apologize for Joseph Stalin.  Maybe if it had ever been advocated it in the first place, Baumann would have a leg to stand on.  But he doesn’t.

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