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But He Needs to Be More Passionate!

January 10, 2010

It’s always good to see Maureen Dowd gushing about trivialities, but she’s really out to get the President on what she sees as (as far as I can tell) his emotional detachment.  Apparently, that’s a big problem for her (Zzzzzzzz…).  After I woke up, Yglesias dismissed her girlish behavior (with good reason), but not before she actually scored a point or two:

He had applied the freshness of his independent thought to the critical matters at hand. He had convened his seminar, reviewed the reviews, analyzed the intelligence every which way, thought anew about everything, and lo and behold, he finally emerged to tell us some stuff we already knew.

Then, labeling him “Captain Obvious”, she goes on to list the things said during this particular teachable moment, which consisted of, as she says, things we already knew: “We are under attack.”  “There is evil in the world.”  “Two plus two equals four.”  Ba-zing, Maureen.

One of the issues with this particular speech, and the President’s foreign policy on the whole, is that it comes off like a Political Science 101 class at some small liberal arts college.  The rest of us were very aware that there was evil in the world and just war was necessary to combat jihadism that wants to kill the civilians of our nation.  Not that I really care what he has to say, nor am I at odds with his disposition, but certainly appears to a lot of us that he’s not waging this war as it should be waged (mostly because he’s waging it against civilians rather than soldiers).

Pre-pubescent girl that she writes as though she were attempting to imitate, Dowd goes on:

He’s so sure of himself and his actions that he fails to see that he misses the moment to be president — to be the strong father who protects the home from invaders, who reassures and instructs the public at traumatic moments.

As far as fatherly figures go, I’m not sure I want the President to be mine, but it’s not too much to ask for him to take what some of us see as his primary job seriously.

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