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Maybe Your Uncle Isn’t a Racist

January 13, 2010

Cord Jefferson wants to go back to calling black people “colored”:

The census and the Senate majority leader are the latest to call into question what are and aren’t acceptable terms for black Americans, but the battle has been waged among blacks for decades now. Obviously, “Negro” feels out-of-date, but older blacks say it, so perhaps it’s not that bad. “Afro-American” also sounds dated, but in a less jagged way than “Negro.” African American is the norm among the PC elite, despite the fact that a white person with South African roots should probably be included in the definition, and that, technically, everyone in the whole world has African roots. Black is a fine catchall, I suppose, but it just seems so damn inaccurate. (I’ve never seen a truly black person.) And what about “nigga”? Who can say it, and in reference to whom?

Makes sense.  The term African-American has never and will never actually make sense.  We might as well describe everybody by what their principal ethnicity is followed by a hyphen and the word “American”.  Guys from Jo-burg can be Anglo-Saxon-African-American, I’ll be Scots-Irish-American, Tiger Woods can be African-Vietnamese-American, and Jessica Alba can be…well, I won’t delve into that issue here.  I have no problem with this method a’tall—I still have no idea why we try to unnecessarily categorize the Hopi and the Navajo and the Apache into the sweeping terms “Native American” or “Indian”.  Why don’t we call people what they call themselves rather than attempting to politically correctly label them?  Nobody calls Muhammed Ali by the name Cassius Clay.

It’s a lot easier for us to just call people by what their skin color is (if you’re white or black, that is).  So what’s wrong with calling black people “colored people”?  The NAACP uses it, for God’s sake.  Is calling people of Cherokee descent “red people” offensive?  That’s the assumption, but why?  If we’re going to do this, why don’t we just apply it to everybody?  If this really made people mad, we should just call them Chinese-American or whatever they prefer.

One last thing: Harry Reid is not a racist.  If anything, he’s just a jackass who thinks that the American people are so racist that they won’t elect a dark-skinneded Negro to the office of President.  The President isn’t even what you’d call a Negro if that term were PC.  He’s one of the few actual African-Americans in this country—that is, he has an American mother and an African father.  Let’s quit all this race bullcrap.   It is becoming…most…taxingggggggggggggg…

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