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Attila the Caesar

February 1, 2010

Michael Steele spends some time burning bridges while claiming he’s building an empire:

My style is not something you get used to very easily, I know that. But at the end of the day, the members of this party charged me to do two things, raise money and win elections. On those two fronts, I think we’re doing okay.

That’s one of those in-spite-ofs rather than a because-of, slick.  Once again, Steele touts his own personality as both pissing everybody off and contributing to rousing victories all at the same time.  Did Scott Brown get elected because the people of Massachusetts just loved your book so much, Michael?  By the way, I know this is on everyone’s mind, so I’ll just ask—what the hell are you doing in Hawaii?

“We have not had the opportunity in the past to showcase the success of Republicans here in Hawaii, not to mention elsewhere among the territories in Guam, in Northern Marianas and the like,” he said. “So that was another way for us I thought to put a spotlight on the western part of the country and certainly in the Pacific Rim.”

So it’s catering to Hawaii voters, not just going on a vacation.  I see.

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