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A Strange Family Dynamic

February 5, 2010

Yeah, that’s a pretty reasonable reaction:

Turkish police have recovered the body of a 16-year-old girl they say was buried alive by relatives in an “honour” killing carried out as punishment for talking to boys.

I’ve always been confused by that particular definition of honor.  Maybe it’s because they put about a ton of dirt “honor”.  At least her supposed caretakers have a good explanation:

Media reports said the father had told relatives he was unhappy that his daughter – one of nine children – had male friends. The grandfather is said to have beaten her for having relations with the opposite sex.

There are just some rules you have to follow.  Like the one where you have to kill your daughter (the old-fashioned way—you can’t just run her over with your infidel Western automobile) if she does something as outrageous as being a teenager.  Doubtless somebody will use this to criticize religion in general in favor of singling out Islam.  And the equivalence will be staggering.

(I apologize in advance for my flippancy regarding the girl’s death.  It really is tragic.)

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