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You Stay Classy, Robert Gibbs

February 9, 2010

I actually laughed at this:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took a swipe at Sarah Palin Tuesday, mimicking the former vice presidential candidate’s decision to use her hand as a notepad at the National Tea Party Convention last week.

At the daily press briefing, Gibb showed his left hand with writing on it, which apparently was his grocery list to purchase ahead of the expected snowstorm.

Scrawled on his hand were :

— Milk

— Bread (crossed out)

— Eggs

— Hope

— Change

The press secretary said he crossed out bread, just so I can make pancakes.”

It’d have been funnier if he didn’t announce it to the room like a nerdy college professor trying to break the ice—“Look, I made a joke!”  It’s pretty hilarious/pathetic that Palin had to write “Energy”, “Tax Cuts”, and “Lift Americans’ Spirits” on her hand just to remember it (Drum: “For someone who swims in the seas that Palin swims in, this is about the equivalent of writing down a note to remember your birthday.”), and pretty revealing that she crossed out “Budget” in front of the word “Cuts” in favor of “Tax”.  Still, though, if there’s anybody who doesn’t get to make that joke, it’s somebody who works for a guy who needs a teleprompter to speak to his own staff.  I’m not going to throw out the “that’s a classless political gimmick!” at Gibbs, but the stone thrown would have had a lot more impact if he didn’t live in an enormous glass house.

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