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Smart Move, Harry

February 15, 2010

Harry Reid is apparently scrapping the jobs bill because it’s too bipartisan:

Reid appears to be making a political calculation that the GOP will have a difficult time voting against his own, stripped-down version of jobs legislation. That’s because Reid has left the bill’s central job creation provisions intact, while jettisoning tax breaks and other provisions intended to win Republican support.

He is virtually daring his colleagues on the other side of the partisan aisle to oppose a measure with the word “jobs” in the title at a time when unemployment remains stubbornly high.

“The Republicans are going to have to make a choice … I don’t know in logic what they could say to oppose this,” said Reid on Thursday when announcing his move.

You really don’t know, do you, Harry?  My few-and-far-between-yet-loyal readers realize that I’m very fond of pointing out how little we understand each other as a country in terms of political philosophy, but this one really sticks out like Waldo on BET.  There are plenty of things Republicans could say to oppose this.  How about, “Harry Reid is against tax breaks”?  Tax breaks are popular enough that the President himself ran on them during his presidential campaign.  I’ve got another: “Harry Reid is willing to risk the death of the jobs bill for the sake of partisanship (as much of the public perceives that he did on health-care reform)”.  Yet another: “I don’t think federal spending can create jobs except in the public sector.  Harry Reid only wants job growth for federal employees.”  That wouldn’t invigorate the Tea Party crowd a’tall, would it?

Get it together, Harry.  There’s a reason you’re going to be out of there come January.

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