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Here We Go, Boys

February 24, 2010

A 9-day hiatus?  That’s really how long it’s been?  I apologize to everyone who is really bored enough to read me for my absence.  I just got a little behind on my information consumption, which translated into one of those out-of-control spirals where you completely alienate yourself from the info because you have so much catching up to do and then you feel unqualified to write due to your alienation so you watch curling and cagefighting instead.  Some call that laziness, but I’m going to refer to it as a catch-up period.  It just makes me feel better about myself.

But, since feelings are stupid, let’s talk about something else.  In my absence, Cain Velasquez obliterated one of the best chins of all time with one punch (whom Dana White characteristically referred to as “probably the best heavyweight of all time”, which makes everyone in the MMA world sigh), the Tigers won at Tulsa, the U.S. beat Canada in (of all things) hockey, the Dores choked against Kentucky, and (you might want to sit down for this one) Michael Steele still sucks.  Also, there have been some new developments in the political world, too.  Shocker, right?

We have much to discuss!  The kid’s back.  He swears.

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