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Toyota’s Mugwumps

February 28, 2010

This shtick might be getting a little boring, but Krauthammer’s latest fits the current discussion quite well.  With regard to the Toyota fiasco—and the subsequent bloody-shirt-waiving federal inquisition—he hits the nail on the head:

But it is no disrespect to the memory of those killed, and the sorrow of those left behind, to simply admit that even the highest technology produced by the world’s finest companies can be fallible and fatal, and that the intelligent response is not rage and retribution but sober remediation and recognition of the very high price we pay — willingly pay — for modernity with all its wondrous, dangerous bounty.

Quick question: why the hell was there a Congressional hearing about Toyota’s brakes in the first place?  Is everything the auto industry does a matter of federal concern nowadays?  Anyway, the lesson here, as Krauthammer says, is not to get mad at Toyota and try to “fix” its problems—that’s Toyota’s job.  The answer is to… deal with it.  It really isn’t a dishonor to the memory of those lost to say, “Okay, don’t buy a Toyota.”  It’s not the feds’ job to try to avenge us, unless of course we’re now at war with Toyota too.

These are obviously philosophical differences, but the question here quickly becomes rhetorical.  Do you really think that politicians—politicians—should be the backstop against which responsibility falls for everything?  Is it really their business?

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