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Another Injustice From The Sky People

March 8, 2010

Before the announcement of the victors tonight, I was a little depressed by this piece from Chris Orr over at TNR (via Sullivan):

For the Academy to elevate so small a picture over one so big would be wildly out of keeping both with its recent, much-discussed desire to keep the Oscars “relevant” to a mass audience, and with its lifelong prejudice in favor of films that succeed commercially. To whit: Over the past 20 years, the highest- or second-highest-grossing of the five Best Picture nominees has won 19 times. The third-highest-grossing has won once-in 1999, when American Beauty’s $130 million box office narrowly trailed The Green Mile‘s $136 million. The fourth- and fifth-highest-grossing nominees have not won a single time in over two decades. Where does The Hurt Locker stand in this year’s overcrowded field of nominees? Number eight out of ten.

Bleak, right?  But then, to my shock/glee, The Hurt Locker won!  Not only did Kathryn Bigelow’s film win Best Picture to go along with her Best Director award, but the awards Avatar got were also all visually related.  So, the lowest-budget film to ever win Best Picture cleaned up, taking home six awards, while the highest-grossing movie of all time got its awards for…spending a bunch of money.  Not a bad night.

A quick clarification: No, I haven’t even seen The Hurt Locker, but, as you’ll know if you’ve ever visited this space before, there’s no way it can be worse than Avatar.  So, cheers.

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