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What a Heinous Crime

March 15, 2010

Are you tired of the health-care debate?  Me too.  Let’s talk about something else.  If I were to ask you what the most Westernized Muslim country is, as counterintuitive/oxymoronic as that sounds, what would you say?  Actually, don’t worry about it—I’ll answer it for you.  You’d say, as a friend of mine just did, “What country is Dubai in?”  And you’d probably be right.  The U.A.E. appears to be the most Westernized country in the Middle East, nay, in the whole of the Islamosphere.  Not only do they have a (usually) thriving economy and a relatively industrialized society, they host a bloody golf tournament every year—a tournament that even a slovenly heathen like Tiger Woods, who sleeps with as many skanks as his libido allows him to, gets to compete in annually.  That’s why I’m as surprised as Nancy Pelosi constantly looks by stories like these:

Ayman Najafi, 24, a marketing consultant who lives in Dubai, and Charlotte Adams, 25, an estate agent from North London, were said to have been touching each other and kissing passionately as they dined with friends in a beachfront restaurant.

They were arrested and sentenced to a month in prison after which they were told they would be deported.

Uh, what?  A province (mind you, not a country) whose financial troubles can do significant, significant damage to world markets has laws as backwards as jail time for kissing in public?  Oh, excuse me, it’s not kissing in public, it’s kissing on the mouth in public:

But the pair told a hearing at the Dubai Appeal Court on Sunday that they were the victims of a “huge misunderstanding” and had simply exchanged a friendly greeting.

“We kissed each other on the cheek as a greeting, nothing more,” Mr Najafi told Judge Aysar Fouad. Miss Adams pointed at her cheek to show where contact had taken place.

…At the appeal hearing on Sunday, their defence lawyer Khalaf al Hosany said the couple admitted kissing each other on the cheek but denied any intention to break the law.

“It’s part of their culture to kiss on cheeks as a greeting,” he told the judge.

But their pleas of not guilty to indecency were rejected and they were sentenced to a month in prison followed by deportation.

If you’re thinking that’s the wrong argument to have, then hear this: so does everybody else.  That is, everybody else who is part of the Westernized world with which Dubai pretends to be associated.  I suppose the correlation between Occidentalism and decreased Islamism isn’t as strong as some of us had hoped, which is even worse news for what will soon be Eurabia.  Good immigration policy, Europe.  I hope you’ll be happy with your own anti-kissing laws in thirty years.

That said, what I find most interesting about this story is what the couple’s lawyer said to the judge.  “It’s part of their culture”, he says.  It’s normal for them to do it, he says, because they’re not from around here and they weren’t brought up like us.  Unsurprisingly, that didn’t fly, and the couple was sentenced to a month in prison followed by deportation.  The weird thing about their “excuse” is that it works quite well in a converse situation.  Islamics believe it’s okay to bury their children alive or run them over with their (Western) vehicles because they have “dishonored” their family and force their spouses to wear full-body veils at all times, not to mention genital mutilation, spousal rape, or any of the other abuses and calamities that befall the unfortunates of Islamism, and somehow, for some Westerners, it’s okay because “It’s part of their culture”.  Of course, none of us actually believe it’s okay, but we accept it either because we don’t want to offend Islamics because it’s politically incorrect or because we think they’ll come to our house and try to chop us up with an axe if we do.  Alas, it’s probably already too late for Europe to adapt their immigration policy aptly.  Too bad for them—let’s try not to follow their lead.

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