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Why The NBA Sucks

March 21, 2010

Thank you very much for that kind introduction, Noot. I am very excited to be a member of this prestigious blog, and I will make sure to provide our devout followers with entertaining, yet insightful, posts. Hopefully.

As Noot referred to, my forte is the National Football League, especially the ins and outs of the Washington Redskins. On this maiden voyage post, however, I am going to discuss another topic I claim to know a fair deal about–the National Basketball Association. After watching this past week’s ESPN 30-for-30 on Reggie Miller, I came to this conclusion: the NBA needs to get rid of the entire regular season. I know, I know, this sounds insanely stupid, but before you call The Chief an idiot I want you to ask yourself this question: “Would you miss the NBA regular season?” I’m pretty sure all of you responded with a resounding “NO”. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a little bit here–the NBA regular season is completely irrelevant. What Reggie Miller did to the Knicks over the course of the NBA playoffs in the early ’90s was one of the most exciting story-lines in sports history. I know that this occurred during the playoffs, and I am arguing to eliminate the regular season, but watching Reggie Miller score 9 straight points (in 17 seconds), talk absurd amounts of trash to John Starks, and make choking gestures to Spike Lee on the sidelines is the reason why the glory years of the NBA are behind us.

Nothing will ever happen like that again because players, quite frankly, do not care about games during the regular season. After watching Reggie Miller singlehandedly will his team past the Knicks, I got to catch the highlights of this “game” on SportsCenter. For those of you who are too lazy to click on the link, it’s the box score from the Phoenix Suns vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game from this past Tuesday. The final score was Phoenix – 152, Minnesota – 114. I don’t care how bad the Timberwolves may be this year, the fact that ANY team can score 152 points in a game is absurd. It’s not even like the Suns were shooting absolutely lights out (56% field goal percentage, 48.4% from three), the Timberwolves just refused to play anything that resembled defense throughout the duration of the game. They allowed EIGHT Suns players to score in double figures, and this guy dropped 20 points (on 10-13 shooting by the way). Ridiculous.

If the NBA really wants to surpass the NFL or MLB, here are some changes I think David Stern should consider:

  1. Allow teams to play zone defense – Imagine if the Minnesota Timberwolves came out in the second-half with their major “adjustment” being a switch to the 2-3 zone. It would be absolutely hysterical. Teams would probably pass the ball an average of two times per offensive possession before a player hucks a shot from six-feet behind the three point line. The Suns would have easily scored over 200 points against Minnesota, which would have qualified as “must-see television” in my eyes.
  2. Have twelve teams from each conference make the playoffs – The NBA already has the most insignificant playoff eligibility out of any of the professional leagues. Making it shift from eight to twelve teams per conference qualifying for the playoffs would really force teams to exert that “extra effort” on the defensive side of the ball. Even the Nets would probably be eligible for the playoffs if this was the case.
  3. Seed the playoff teams based on the pre-season power rankings – The NBA is probably the most cut-and-dry league in the world: everyone knows who is going to make the playoffs before the first game is even played and everyone knows which two or three teams could win the championship. If the teams were seeded by the pre-season power rankings, we wouldn’t have to waste our time trying to act like we care as the Bobcats and the Raptors battle it out for better seeding (they are just going to get swept by Cleveland or Orlando in the first round anyways).

The reason I’m writing this piece is because I feel that the NBA has the best collection of athletes in the entire world. The fact that LeBron James can do this and J.R. Smith can make this dunk look like a walk in the park tells me that these athletes are a rare breed. I just wish that the regular season would have some sort of resemblance to the NBA playoffs, which I actually really enjoy. This is the only time of the year where players show passion, buy in to a team-first defensive philosophy, and actually show a competitive fire. Reggie Miller did it. Michael Jordan did it. Now its just time for our current generation of superstars to follow suit.


The Chief

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  1. yeadig permalink
    March 3, 2011 10:08 AM

    12 teams are too much.


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