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Monday Music Solicitation

March 22, 2010

Greetings loyal readers –

My oldest brother Ben recently directed his first music video for a band called “The Secret History.” Seeing as I know very little about the band, I’ll allow my brother to take it from here:

Dear Family, Friends, Enemies & Acquaintances:

I recently directed and edited my first music video for a band called The Secret History. It just launched today on YouTube (watch it in HD!):

The band is mostly members of a defunct group called My Favorite, plus lead singer Lisa Ronson (daughter of mid-Seventies Bowie guitar god Mick Ronson).

I met My Favorite back when I was working as a music journalist and became convinced they were going to be huge. They were already big in Sweden. John Peel was wearing out their singles on the BBC. Belle & Sebastian handpicked them to open their NYC shows. All the band seemed to need was a final little push… which somehow never came.

Things began to fall apart. My Favorite has been recording and touring for over ten years and everyone was broke. The lead singer left to become a librarian. The guitarist had a baby and moved back to Long Island. This is the period that will someday be discussed around the 40 minute mark of their “Behind the Music” special.

Long story short, after a few years in the wilderness, the band is back, with a new name and a retooled sound, and this time I want to make sure they get to that next level of success they deserve. And that’s where you come in.

On YouTube, hits beget more hits. If this video gets a healthy amount of views, YouTube will put it on one of their faster servers. If it doesn’t, it will languish with the home movies and talking heads that take twenty minutes to load. So please watch it. Maybe twice, if you want to appreciate all the fancy lighting my DP rigged up. And if you like it, please pass it along to your friends and post it on Facebook and Twitter and blogs and let social media do its thing. Hell, if you DON’T like it, send it around and make fun of it. I don’t care. Hits are hits.

I would be deeply remiss if I didn’t thank the people who made this possible: Jed Smith, DP David Jacobson, producer Adam Lytle, gaffer T.J. Alston, PAs Taryn Jones and Reed Rosenberg, executive producers Max Knies and Emily Wiedemann, the swell folks at Greencard Pictures, and, of course, The Secret History.

Here’s that link again. Thanks for watching:

Your humble servant of rock ‘n’ roll,


Go Bills.

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