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Picks of the Day

June 10, 2010

Baseball is ripe for parlays:

  • Reds, -1 ½ (-105) v. Giants
  • Yankees, -1 ½ (-145) at Orioles
  • Red Sox (-210) at Indians
  • Braves (-168) at Diamondbacks
  • Blue Jays (+115) at Rays
  • Under 6 ½ Runs Scored (-120) in Phillies v. Marlins

If you feel froggy:

  • Over 10 Runs Scored (-105) in M’s v. Rangers
  • I think the Finals game tonight is a stayaway, but if I were a gamblin’ man, I’d do the Lakers moneyline (+150)

Yesterday: 5-2 (1-1 Froggy Picks)

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  1. MsOfficer permalink
    June 10, 2010 1:57 PM

    c’mon man, no faith in the Celts? When the lakers do sh*t like this??

    • June 10, 2010 2:24 PM

      Believe me, I have no sympathy for the Lakers’ crybabies, but it’s simply a matter of odds in this situation. C’s are -180; it’s just not a good enough payout given that I have no idea who’s going to win. I’ll be cheering for the Celts, though–even if Paul Pierce’s wheelchair does make an appearance…

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