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June 11, 2010

1)   How long has it been since Letterman was funny?

2)   I don’t care what anybody says, those vuvuzelas are annoying as hell.  South Africa scored the first goal of the World Cup today, and the crowd didn’t even go that nuts.  It didn’t even get louder—everybody was too busy wailing away on those horns.  It sounded like there were a trillion horseflies in the stadium.

3)   Did the Natties strengthen their negotiating power when they deemed Bryce Harper an outfielder?

4)   The complete betting odds for UFC 115.  It doesn’t really look that good.

5)   Why doesn’t the new Karate kid, uh, do karate?  Erik Sofge says it’s because competition in the American marketplace with other forms of martial arts has killed the karate aura.  This is probably true, but I’d also add that karate doesn’t actually, you know, work—or as Sterling Archer would say, it’s “the Dane Cook of martial arts”.  That’s why there’s only one good cagefighter in the world who uses karate principles.  Combat sports like muy thai, jiu jitsu and good old-fashioned wrestling are just more useful if you want to kick somebody’s ass.

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