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June 17, 2010

1)   Devo (yes, that Devo) held a listening party for cats (real felines) a few days ago for their newest album.  No word on how much the cats liked it, but I actually think this track is pretty tight.

2)   Worst column ever?  It’s up there, even if you ignore the fact that it was quite obviously written before the speech and that the commenters just rip the cat to shreds.

3)   Israel takes my advice.  For some reason, I don’t think they were listening to me.

4)   Or, you could just go sans volume and listen to The White Panda while watching the games, which I’m quasi-ashamed to admit that I’ve been doing for the past two days (h/t Ezra Klein).

5)   It’s always worth remembering that weapons technology is really bad ass.  Some of the newest stuff in development is an Air Force drone that looks like a real bird and actually rests on utility wires to recharge like a real bird.  WOW (h/t Spencer Ackerman).

6)   I actually did know that death by firing squad was still legal in some states.  I still think it’s a pretty efficient way to perform the death penalty, although it does remind me of this a little bit.

7)   Great news on the health care front.

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