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Technical Difficulties

June 20, 2010

Oh, I didn’t say I was taking a long weekend, did I?  Well, I wasn’t planning on it, but we had some serious Internets problems here at the Observatory’s offices.  Suffice it to say that a few armadillos, a 1942 Ford tractor, and a quart-size jar of White Lightning were involved.  Now, onward:

1)   The “federalize Medicaidbandwagon grows exponentially!

2)   Now, you can peruse the Internets as though you were at a South Africa World Cup game.  Sucks, doesn’t it?

3)   Using Twitter to announce executions.

4)   Sarah Palin on smokin’ that Devil’s Lettuce.  I, of course, think she’s wrong, and that decriminalization is just an excuse people use not to sound like wingnuts (if you’re not for legalization, then you’re just for arbitrary policing).  This may, however, begin to unravel the idea that there exists some sort of Religious Right that wants everybody in America to have a gun but doesn’t want any Average Joe to have a casual pot plant in his backyard.  It’s a straw man, and it needs to die.

5)   Only 70% of the country thinks being a father is the most important role for a man in today’s world.  That seems low, but it is Rasmussen.

6)   Sean Hannity thinks that it’s “a 100 percent certainty” that crackheads will murder to get aholt of more crack.  No wonder we still have a War on Drugs in this country—apparently there are people out there still rationalizing it.  I’ve never considered Hannity a particularly smart guy (I know he’s against means-testing Social Security because I heard it once on his radio show), but… really?  Does this cat even consider using evidence when talking about stuff?  As Radley Balko says, “It’s 90 percent certain that when argued into a corner, drug warriors will just start making shit up.”

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