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June 23, 2010

1)   The Dutch police are using “decoy Jews” to try and stop anti-Semitic attacks.

2)   Smoking kills puppies (h/t Robby Soave).

3)   MWS: Mingling While Saudi.  A crime punishable by 80 lashes.

4)   McDonald’s is being sued over the Happy Meal (h/t Nick Gillespie).

5)   Are there a lot of African-Americans in the Congo, Sullivan?

6)   Two takes on why the BP escrow fund is a perversion of executive power.  It’s true that no elected official can say anything like this — look what happened to Joe Barton — because public opinion is obviously not concerned with what is and what isn’t legal.  I find myself becoming increasingly uncomfortable with this process, though.  I know BP offered to do it, but taking a private company’s money and appointing somebody outside the company to distribute it to whomever he sees fit via an extra-legal process just makes me very queasy.  There are legal processes for things like this, and if Congress is really concerned with those affected by the Gulf spill right now, then it should create its own temporary fund to compensate those people appropriately.

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