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June 28, 2010

1)   Well, DUH, geologically speaking.

2)   Reykjavik’s new mayor.

3)   Slick Willie’s on board for Project Oilnihilation.

4)   The MLBPA wants to change arbitration, specifically super two status.

5)   Russian spies?  What is this, the 1950s?

6)   A cagefighter in South Carolina died this morning from blows to the head sustained in a fight on Saturday.  His autopsy is tomorrow.  I obviously have no idea what happened, but, from what I’ve seen, refereeing in MMA is a really needs to get better.  The guys who are doing main events — like Herb Dean, Big John McCarthy, and Yves Lavigne — are generally really good, and everybody else really isn’t.  It’s the ref’s job to keep huge guys from continually raining blows on guys who are knocked out.  That’s a huge responsibility.  If MMA is going to keep growing, then it needs more refs who we know are going to call a good fight and not allow anybody to who isn’t intelligently defending himself to have punches rained on him.  Otherwise, something like this is going to happen again.

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