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June 29, 2010

1)   Nate Silver appears to be almost singlehandedly professionalizing polling in this country.  He already brought down Zogby and he appears to have been the jump-off point for the downfall of Research 2000.  Maybe one day we’ll have an accurate, trustworthy gauge of what public opinion really is.

2)   Canada… a great place to do business.

3)   Hot-sauce-flavored vodka.

4)   The worst baseball fan ever.  I actually saw this game last night, and this cat was just as annoying as vuvuzelas it looks like he was.

5)   An absolutely horrifying headline from Peter Suderman.

6)   Yuval Levin: “What’s described in these memos is easily the most serious and flagrant violation of the boundary between scientific expertise and politics I have ever encountered. A White House official formulating a substantive policy position for a supposedly impartial physicians’ group, and a position at odds with what that group’s own policy committee had actually concluded?  You have to wonder where all the defenders of science—those intrepid guardians of the freedom of inquiry who throughout the Bush years wailed about the supposed politicization of scientific research and expertise—are now. If the Bush White House (in which I served as a domestic policy staffer) had ever done anything even close to this it would have been declared a monumental scandal, and rightly so.”

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