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June 29, 2010

1)   Yeah, it’s conservatives that live in California, are opposed to vaccines, and are into herbal medicines and crap.  That makes total sense.

2)   Let’s consider tax cuts.  Or an ITC.

3)   WTF?

4)   Real live Transformers.  No, Michael Bay is not involved.

5)   I never trust a reporter to accurately reflect the fer and agin arguments surrounding a public policy issue, but just exactly what in the hell is this law supposed to prevent?

6)   Just as I say that, the Paraguay/Japan game ends in a nil-nil draw and it goes to PKs, which end with Paraguay winning because this cat from Japan hit one off the crossbar.  Maybe it is the ball — it makes sense that there would be more goals in knockout play because the teams that advance have better players who adapt more quickly to the new ball.  Either way, I don’t particularly care if this World Cup is boring relative to other soap operas that I could be watching at ten in the morning World Cups.  Certain changes would make the sport less boring in general, which would of course make the World Cup more exciting.

P.S. Put that guy who missed the PK (I think his name is Komano) on Suicide Watch NOW.

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