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July 9, 2010

1)   Some good news for Cleveland after last night’s jackassery.

2)   Speaking of jackasses (not SFW).

3)   Also, WTF?  She was 15, bro — I’m no Matlock, but I don’t think that’s legal.

4)   The Republicans were not blocking Berwick.  Bad excuse.

5)   What are the odds that austerity could be expansionary?

6)   Mickey Kaus: “Did Obama really not know this back in January, 2009? I mean, Alter’s book pretty convincincly demonstrates that the President is a very smart man. But a smart man would have to have had virtually no contact, direct or vicarious, with government not to realize state and federal  construction projects are bound up with time-consuming rules (like the Davis-Bacon Act’s ‘prevailing wage’ requirements) that undermine their Keynesian utility. … He could have asked Alter, for example.”

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