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July 10, 2010

1)    Stephen Strasburg is breaking statistics.

2)    Is corporations’ hoarding cash really thaaaat big of a problem?

3)    Best.  Headline.  Ever.

4)    Ohhhhh, he got dissed!

5)    Whose idea was this?

6)    This is actually hilarious.  I used to live in Nashville, and if you’re ever there, here’s what you shouldn’t do.  Taco Mamacita doesn’t have a beer license because it’s just a lot easier to get a liquor license, so the beers they sell there have to be above a certain alcohol percentage.  They have this drink called a “Dirty Sanchez” which is a shot of well tequila chased with a Pabst Blue Ribbon — unfortunately, since they are operating sans beer license, the beer they give you is a Dale’s Pale Ale, which is 6.5 % alcohol by volume and basically tastes like rhinoceros piss.  One of my buddies did it when we were there and he said it was the worst drink he’s ever had and he almost went and pulled his trigger afterwards just to get the taste out of his mouth.  Point being: Tennessee’s liquor laws are quite stupid, and you should go for margaritas when you go to Taco Mamacita, because the Dirty Sanchez will make you want to hurl.  Good talk.

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