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The Greatest Moment of 2010

July 13, 2010

This just goes to show that our public servants have our best interests at heart:

In 2008, world leaders gathered together to herald the opening of the so-called, “doomsday vault,” a vast cache of seed samples built inside a remote Arctic mountain. The vault — complete with four sets of locked doors, a 410 ft tunnel, and armed guards (see above) — was designed with the ambitious goal of eventually housing a seed sample from every species of edible crop in the world. Seeds have been steadily accumulating ever since: already more than half of million of the estimated 4.5 million total have been tucked away in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard.

The latest addition to the treasure chest arrived this week in the hands of improbable deliverymen: U.S. senators. Led by Benjamin Cardin, Democrat Senator from Maryland, the seven American delegates deposited an assortment of potent North American chili seeds inside the icy vault. The seeds — which one expert admiringly praised for their “colorful names and histories” — have long been protected as part of Native American tradition, but many fear that they may become the next victims in the worrisome trend of declining global crop diversity. Among the now-safe species are Wenk’s Yellow Hots (a chameleon-like breed that changes color and flavor) and the San Juan Tsile (known for keeping diners on their toes: different peppers can be mild, medium, or hot — and it’s impossible to tell which is which).

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: after the apocalypse, there will still be hot sauce.  You can all now breathe that sigh of relief that you’ve been keeping pent up ever since you learned what the word “apocalypse” meant.  I know I feel much better.  Thank you, Senators.  Thank you, government!

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