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I’ve Been There and I Know

July 16, 2010

Peggy Noonan tries, from her lofty, inexplicably-attained position as the wise old hen of political commentary, to advocate for listening to the wise old hens of the political arena.  A coupla revealing sentences:

On the Internet, you read the fierce posts of political and ideological writers and wonder, Why do so many young bloggers sound like hyenas laughing in the dark? Maybe it’s because there’s no old hand at the next desk to turn and say, “Son, being an enraged, profane, unmoderated, unmediated, hit-loving, trash-talking rage monkey is no way to go through life.”

Or maybe it’s because they weren’t speechwriters — they have to rely on the substance of their writing rather than fluff to get their point across.  Maybe it’s because they offer advice to the President based on the merits of real policies rather than what is and isn’t going to hurt him politically.  Maybe when they lament the fact that certain types of people no longer get certain types of jobs in government, they have the courtesy to actually name somebody who used to occupy that role instead of abstractly bemoaning how things aren’t like they used to be.  And maybe when they call for maturity and adult supervision in a certain arena, they don’t — quite ironically — resort to childish name-calling in that exact same piece.

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