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Más Whatnot

July 17, 2010

1)   There’s actually been a meme going around — among smart people! — that suggests Democrats care about deficits.  I know, right?

2)   This actually stuck in my craw when I was writing this post, but I forgot to mention it.

3)   A bit late to this, but this really is unbelievable.  How does the Left not understand why the Right can’t stand unions?

4)   Everybody basically agrees that the stimulus bill was poorly designed.  Filibusters and pork and Republicans are supposed to be responsible for that.  How does that jibe with the fact that there are still over $200 billion worth of unspent outlays left to roll out in a package that may have not contributed anything to economic growth for over six months?  The people who wrote ARRA need to catch some flak for this.

5)   My favorite is definitely the “I Will Shoot Lasers Out of My Eyes and Kill You if You Ever Ask Me Another Question About My Personal Life” face.

6)   I can’t believe that happened either.  And I shouldn’t — the odds of its occurrence are+100,000.  On second thought, I don’t believe that.  It didn’t happen.

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