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The Red Sox Join the Empire

July 17, 2010

Will Red Sox fans finally admit that they’re just as evil as the Yankees once they notice this?

Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe reports that the Red Sox have learned within the last few hours that they have indeed exceeded the 2010 threshold for the competitive balance tax, better known as the luxury tax. They will be taxed at a 22.5% rate for every dollar spent over $170MM this year, and those figures will increase to 30% and $178MM next year, respectively.

Cot’s Baseball Contracts, an unofficial source of salary and payroll data, has Boston’s payroll at just under $168.11MM this season, though they obviously closed the gap at some point. Josh Beckett‘s extension was completed after the start of the season in an effort to save against the luxury tax.

Muah ha ha ha ha.  Big market teams and their minor inconveniences just kill me!  On this note, a friend of mine who’s a Red Sox fan a source close to Theo Epstein tells me that their recent horrible spate of injuries has seen them picking up guys to fill holes in their lineup, so that’s probably the explanation for this.  Buster Olney says they’re “operating under the same parameters that they always have and will make an acquisition if they feel that it could help them make the postseason”.  Translation: I bet they’ll try to unload some of this cash before this trade deadline, as their “acquisitions” in this case will be the cats that are coming off the DL in August and September.  Either way, maybe this luxury tax business will finally put at end to fans of teams like the Mets and Red Sox criticizing the Yankees for their payroll.  Your’n are astronomical too, you jerks.

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