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July 17, 2010

1)   The average age of the Naturals’ top international signings over the past year, according to GM Mike Rizzo, is just over 18 — and that’s with one 25-year-old outlier — including three 17-year-olds and two 16-year-olds.  That’s… pretty young.

2)   The dollar sign is actually shorthand for an abbreviation of the Spanish peso.  I think I’ll use ps15 to denote 15 dollars from now on.

3)   Stagliano goes free.  Good for him, but I would have liked to see this get more attention to raise awareness about the “obscenity” laws — I’m not sure anybody knows they exist — instead of just throwing out the case for insufficient evidence.

4)   Virginia’s back in black.  Hooray Bob McDonnell?

5)   John Daly looks like a Motel 6 comforter.

6)   Sumo wrestling is plagued by gambling.  Remind you of this?

7)   Hugo Chávez is a prick.

8)   Good argument, fellas.  Reeeeeeally solid.  For the yanquis here, that means:

Gay Marriage Legislators:

Salamanca can’t give what Nature doesn’t

“It’s biology, STUPID”

Brilliant.  These were apparently found all around Bs As during the gay marriage debate.  (Salamanca is BA’s twin town.)

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