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Whatnot, For Kicks and Giggles

July 18, 2010

1)   Hey, Brad DeLong’s on board.

2)   Isaac Bruce is just the man.  No other way to say it.

3)   This is seriously the weirdest place I have ever seen via photography in my entire life.  It looks like something out of a Star Trek spoof.

4)   Because it’s on right now and I’m actually watching it, my favorite quote from The World is Not Enough.  Absolutely silly how unintentionally funny that is.

5)   Speaking of dumb fight fans and people who don’t like sabermetrics, here’s a gem from Simmons’s Memorial Day mailbag:

Wanna know why sabermetrics still hasn’t caught on with some baseball fans? Some of us hook up with girls. Do I think Ryan Howard is the best hitter in baseball because he gets 140 RBIs every year? No, but he’s a damn good first baseman and I don’t need some nerd running lab experiments to tell me so. I’d rather spend my time drinking beers in the parking lot and shouting obscenities in Spanish at passing Mets fans. That’s what baseball’s all about. If I wanted to do math and science I wouldn’t be watching baseball.

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