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July 24, 2010

1)  Child porn?  Really, fellas?

2)  Just one question here: if a non-Muslim French chick wants to wear some kind of full-body veil just for kicks and giggles, is that breaking the law?  It’s tough to see how this idea, despite its good intentions, doesn’t blanket the French under some despotic wardrobe laws.

3)  A hilarious graph from Alex Tabarrok.  I mean, a -7 career slope?  Yeesh.

4)  I usually save this for people who are real sons of bitches, but John Kerry is a prick.

5)  Matt Yglesias: “What’s maddening about this whole issue is that of course it’s impossible to prove a negative.”  Really?  Like how you can’t prove you’re not a racist?

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