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Talk About Misused Resources

July 28, 2010

Ezra Klein has some interesting graphs from CBO.  What am I supposed to notice about these items, Ezra?

The main thing you’ll notice is that highly educated native-born women are employed at much higher rates than immigrants, while native-born men are employed at slightly lower rates at almost every education level.

I disagree.  I’d say the main thing I notice about these graphs is the fact that the percentage of people sans high-school education who are employed is twice that among folks from Mexico and Central America as it is among native-born workers.   I’d also notice that it’s about 50% higher for those who have been to high school but have no diploma and that it’s about 20% even for those who do have high-school diplomas.  But is wage reduction really an issue here?  How about competition in job-seeking for the less-educated among us?  What about the payroll taxes that these migrants and their unemployed counterparts aren’t paying?  Naaaaaaaah.

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